With the U.S. Open in full swing, Duck Down Records CEO Dru Ha hit up SOHH to give an inside scoop on recently tagging rapper Sean Price to take on professional tennis star Hana Sromova in a must-watch doubles game.

Dru said Sean’s dedication to his upcoming Mic Tyson solo album inspired him to offer up a friendly tennis outing.

“[Sean] said he was [Ping-Pong] champion at the Brownsville Rec Center, so tennis is a natural extension,” Dru exclusively told SOHH via statement. “We’re in the last rounds of finishing his Mic Tyson album, slated for a fall release, and it can be a stressful busy time. Sean’s made mention to me that I only call him for business purposes, so figured this would be a good way to cut the tension. … With the US OPEN finals coming up this weekend, we were inspired and played this week. [Would I bring Sean back to play again?] In the words of Sean Price, emphatically NO.” (SOHH)

Footage of what turned out to be a humorous but competitive match surfaced online this week.

In honor of the U.S. Open tennis tournament this week, rapper Sean Price, whose album ‘Mic Tyson’ is expected soon, hit the courts for some doubles action with Duck Down Music CEO Dru Ha at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy in NYC. As with anything Price gets involved in, the match got very competitive very quickly. (Red Bull USA)

Sean Price got his money’s worth as they faced off against a renowned tennis player.

Hana Šromová is a professional female tennis player from the Czech Republic. On Jun 19, 2006, Šromová achieved her career-high singles ranking: World No. 87. (Wikipedia)

Not alone in sharing a love for tennis, G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently boasted about the sport.

“I really think it was by accident. This is the weirdest story in the world. I started liking tennis as a kid when I was playing one of the game systems, it had to be Nintendo or something, and the game might have even come with the system. And for whatever reason I was playing it, I was like this is cool. I swear, ever since then, I’ve been watching tennis. Of course back then you had Agassi and you had the Agassi sneaker. You just had things [in tennis] that were related to style and fashion. There was always something associated with dope sneakers. The whole tennis look was fresh to me. And from there I got into the sport.” (Sports Illustrated)

Check out the Sean Price & Dru Ha match below: