Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz isn’t taking any chances with the coronavirus and wants the world to know it. The rap star flew first class but strapped on a face mask for good measure.

Big Facts:

This week, Boosie Badazz — whose hit song “Wipe Me Down” is ironically perfect for the moment — posted a selfie showing him lounging in first-class wearing heavy neck jewelry and a disposable mask.

“Got My Condom On Tight. #sh*trealoutcheat” – Boosie Badazz

High-Key Details:

Besides Boosie, thousands of people worldwide are buying up disposable masks as protection from coronovirus. Medical masks are sold out in local stores or being price-gauged for up to $200 per box on Amazon.

Alternatively, reusable face masks like the the O2 Curve respiratory face masks are hitting the market with options for those who want style and function. The O2 Curve comes with customizable “fashion shells” in colors like “moonlight black,” “arctic blue” and “northern red.” O2 claims to be the “most reliable Respirator on the market.” The site says the respirators are low in stock — reserve yours now for delivery by March 27th.

Wait, There’s More:

In addition to Boosie, R&B star Summer Walker revealed her own anti-virus outfit — face mask included. The must-see airport pic racked up over 300,000 Instagram likes and a hilarious caption.

“Not today honey” – Summer Walker

Before You Go:

Finally, the United States had its first death in the nation. Washington state health officials claimed a coronavirus patient died from an illness connected to the virus.