Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz would never switch up on his children. Gelisa Hayes, the mother of his 11-year-old daughter, Lyric Beyonce, has accused Boosie of skipping out on child support payments. However, he took social media to shoot down her claims.

Boosie’s Payments

In a new Instagram post, Boosie Badazz went off about his child support. He said he would he’s never missed a payment for Lyric and hasn’t for any of his seven kids.

“For u people to be n my DMs saying Im a deadbeat dad u got me f*cked up !! Ive never missed a child support payment with none of my kids. My child wants for nothin. Ive never missed a payment. Me n daughter have a great relationship Im sure she will be just as pissed as me. Ive never missed a payment to them. Not one BM. “

“Even when my kids r with me for 3-4 months,” he continued. “N they don’t have ask they mom for nothin. She wants for nothin. None of them. Me n my BMs r not beefing at all. We might disagree on some things but one thang ‘I don’t play with they money’ so for you people to keep coming after me sayin Im not taking care of my kids is bullsh*t. My child works for her daddy n makes her own money. She just went back to BR with bout a rack (11 years old) from working, her n my boys. Im not go drag my BM cause this is out of her character but women who say they r happily married shouldn’t be doing stuff like this its sad !! This sh*t embarrassing n fake I take care mine. PS F*ck y’all. THESE CHILD SUPPORT CLAIMS THAT I DONT SUPPORT MY DAUGHTER IS BULLSH*T SO LEAVE ME THE F*CK ALONE”

The Other Side

This comes after his baby mama filed a lawsuit against him. She claims he hasn’t paid and wants child support payments as well as accident and health insurance for their daughter.

Amidst several other family-related controversies, Boosie Badazz has recently taken to Instagram to set the record straight that he has never missed a child support payment for any of his kids. The lengthy Instagram post from Boosie was triggered by one of his children’s mothers—his 11-year-old daughter Lyric Beyonce’s mom, Gelisa Hayes—claiming that he did not pay her his due child support for Lyric. (Complex)

Wait, There’s More

Boosie went online this week to celebrate his daughter landing a full college scholarship. He flexed some major education goals from his teen daughter. She has earned a four-year college scholarship to Texas Southern University for her grades and 4.0 grade point average.

“PROUD FATHER ‼️ 4 YEAR ACADEMICS SCHOLARSHIP TO TSU 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯do yo sh*t black 4.0 grade average @tylayjaishunti 😘✅💰” -Boosie Badazz’s Instagram

Before You Go

Boosie is never one to hold his tongue. On a recent Instagram Live broadcast, Badazz said he had older women perform oral sex on his underage son. BB also said he did similar things for his other family members.

“How to see p***y, eat p***y, f**k p***y, all of it, sixteen years old. He trained to f**k p***y, all that. Don’t get to talking about my son. Don’t get to talking about my son. I got my son’s d**k sucked early, I got his d**k sucked early, all my nephews, all of them, ask them, or my sons, who got them their first head. I been got my son d**k sucked.”