Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher has stepped forward to address recent media reports and speculation of being handicap due to problems with his weight.

Although he does not deny his current obesity, Crusher said he is not restricted to motorized transportation.

Rapper Bone Crusher wasn’t rolling around a Minnesota mall in a motorized cart this week because he’s fat — despite reports to the contrary — he tells TMZ, he’s got a REAL reason for being temporarily handicapped. Mr. Crusher tells us, he recently underwent serious knee surgery to repair an injury he sustained a few years ago in Germany, when he was performing for U.S. troops stationed abroad … and stupidly jumped off stage. Crush — real name Wayne Hardnett, Jr. — says he’s been rehabbing the knee since the surgery and that’s why he had to use the motorized cart. The rapper says he can walk just fine, just not for extended periods of time … yet. (TMZ)

If all goes accordingly, Bone will drop at least 100 pounds when all is said and done.

That said, Crusher — who currently weighs roughly 360 pounds — admits the photos that surfaced on the web this week weren’t so flattering, telling TMZ, “I’m definitely trying to lose weight. I want to get myself back down to where I was on ‘Celebrity Fit Club.'” Crusher says his goal weight is 250, and he’s already lost roughly 40 pounds since focusing on his weight again. And here’s a fun fact: Crusher says he used to be a chef … so he can’t wait to start cooking healthy again. (TMZ)

Earlier in the week, photos of the Southern rapper in a motorized shopping cart popped up online.

January 14, 2013: A bunch of MTOers ran into rapper BONECRUSHER in a mall in Minnesota. Bonecrusher was driving around in one of those handicapped scooters. Dang bruh, maybe you need to get the Star Jones stomach staple surgery. (Media Take Out)

Recently, EPMD’s Erick Sermon spoke to SOHH about suffering a near-fatal seizure and gave his reaction to hip-hop artists like Fat Joe shedding pounds to lessen health concerns.

“Heart disease comes from having high blood pressure and diabetes. If I didn’t have that incident happen to me, I don’t think nobody in the hip-hop community would know what Fat Joe was trying to explain because Fat Joe didn’t explain it this way. He explained it that his boys were dropping off like flies but didn’t know why and so he started losing weight. He said he had diabetes for so many years and he lost weight. But he didn’t get the statistics the way I’m giving them, the way they will scare a person that’s walking on the street that doesn’t know he or she might have high blood pressure.” (SOHH Guest Star)