New York rapper Bobby Shmurda‘s uncle has come forward to update fans on his nephew and fired a few shots at the music industry for not showing enough support for the jailed hip-hop newcomer.

Debo Wilson, who is also Shmurda’s uncle, singled out Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex in a rant against the entertainment industry.

“When I got motherf*kers like Funk Flex saying I’m shady, now I gotta say something. P*ssy n*gga, you don’t know me, so don’t be calling me shady. Simple as that – All I ever did was help these kids. I’ve been there for him since he was a kid. The problem with him is that he didn’t want the proper guidance that he was getting from us. So if he wants to choose hanging with his friends [rather than] listen to people that’s giving him positive advice that changes his life and betters his life, that’s his business.” (VLAD TV)

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He also called out entertainers for not rallying support for Shmurda.

“When we left him, his sh*t’s been going downhill. He got all the d*ck riding n*ggas in the industry that run around behind him. They’re not trying to help him. All they’re trying to do is live off his fame. Now he’s locked up. Where all those artists at? Where they at?” (VLAD TV)

Last week, Shmurda’s lawyer Howard Greenberg revealed his Brooklyn gun charge would vanish into thin air soon.

“Brooklyn D.A. office announced that the gun case in Brooklyn will be dismissed in about two weeks,” Greenberg confirmed. That Brooklyn case, according to court papers, alleged that Bobby fired a gun toward a crowd of people outside a barber shop. There was also another incident in which he was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia after police seized two loaded firearms and narcotics paraphernalia inside a Brooklyn residence.” (Revolt TV)

Greenberg also dismissed rumors about Bobby getting into a recent jail altercation.

“Bullsh*t,” Greenberg told REVOLT about the circulating rumor. “Saw him yesterday (January 20) in court. He looked fantastic.” (Revolt TV)