New York rapper Bobby Shmurda has spoken out from behind bars to update fans on his status and revealed his interest in working with G-Unit head 50 Cent.

If things go his way, some type of business relationship will come from him and hip-hop heavyweight 50 Cent.

“Right now I don’t have no manager. I’m looking for a manager right now. I don’t got no manager. I’m looking for a manager while I’m in jail,” Bobby revealed in an interview. “Meek [Mill] just sent me some mail. Meek Mill sent me some mail – I’m trying to get his address right now. … I’ve been trying to get into contact with 50 [Cent] and them for the longest for some management or something, man.” (Hot 97)

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Discussing his record label Epic’s reluctance to help him post bail, Shmurda recently downplayed the criminal topics in his music.

Now, from jail, Mr. Pollard, who once stood by the veracity of his rhymes, said that the lyrics were “fabricated,” because “that’s what’s selling nowadays.” And, he added, Epic “grabbed me up at a vulnerable time.” He continued: “I was desperate to get out of the ’hood. I knew I was going to lose my life or go to jail.” But the record deal may have been too late to save him. According to the 101-count indictment, the city had been investigating GS9 since 2013, well before Mr. Pollard became famous. (New York Times)

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks talked to SOHH last week about Shmurda’s situation.

“I think that them coming in with that raw energy, you got to be on the same radar regardless. You are young, black and not supposed to be here. I was fortunate enough to get out of it, I didn’t sit too long any time I was locked up. But at the same time, it’s not nothing really to talk highly about. I just hope that they can get through that situation okay.” (SOHH)

50 Cent singled out Epic Records in an interview over Shmurda’s jailed status last month.

“You know what I’d really like to see? That check from Epic. Why they didn’t get Bobby out? Why they didn’t bail Bobby out? They got money on the man why they didn’t bail him out?” (Shade 45)