Jailed rapper Bobby Shmurda‘s attorney has reportedly stepped forward to discuss his client’s situation nearly a full year since being arrested on a gun possession charge.

In lawyer Kenneth J. Montgomery‘s perspective, hip-hop artists should not be singled out for falling back on financially supporting Shmurda.

“To be honest these rappers don’t have no money so what are they really going to do. Let’s be honest in that regard. These rappers aren’t millionaires, they’re personalities and brands and that’s all they are. They have endorsement deals, they take out loans, they don’t own their masters, they don’t own their tour buses, they have a lot of tax issues — but they’re just living a lifestyle.” (“Doggie Diamonds”)

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Shmurda recently argued politics were playing a large part in his current predicament.

“I’m innocent,” Ackquille Pollard says. His orange jumpsuit stands out from the gray walls of the Manhattan Detention Complex, his smile bright and white and flawless as ever. “I’ll explain it to all of them. I’m just a young black kid coming from a nasty neighborhood. I made it out, and a lot of people don’t want to see that.” (Vulture)

In April, Montgomery talked about his client heading to court over the case.

“I expect—like most of my cases, the thousands of cases that I’ve had—I expect the judge to have a decision based on a motion that I authored and gave the courts and the prosecutors to respond. And I expect the case to be put on some sort of track for discovery to make sure all the paperwork is turned over. I expect to give a hard drive [to obtain] outstanding videotapes and other discovery that the district attorney has and I expect to get locked in to try to fight this case.” (XXL Mag)

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks talked to SOHH about Shmurda’s situation earlier this year.

“I think that them coming in with that raw energy, you got to be on the same radar regardless. You are young, black and not supposed to be here. I was fortunate enough to get out of it, I didn’t sit too long any time I was locked up. But at the same time, it’s not nothing really to talk highly about. I just hope that they can get through that situation okay.” (SOHH)