New York rapper Bobby Shmurda is once again going to have to wait to have his day in court after reportedly finding out his long-awaited weapons trial has been delayed.

According to reports, Shmurda’s courtroom battle will now go down in September.

Kati Cornell, the Director of Public Information at the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor in New York, confirmed the date change of the trial with XXL today (May 9). The “Hot N*gga” rhymer’s trial was initially scheduled for May 11, but was moved to May 12. Now the trial will start exactly four months from the previous date on Sept. 12. (XXL Mag)

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Recent reports claimed Shmurda would sue the New York Police Department on alleged false arrest on gun and drug charges when they busted him June 3, 2014 at a friend’s home.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda wants to get paid by the city for an alleged false arrest on gun and drug charges by the NYPD, according to a federal lawsuit. “When one of the occupants opened the door a slight bit to see who was there, Officer Douglas Corso and other police officers kicked in the door and illegally entered the residence without a search warrant,” according to the suit filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court. (New York Daily News)

Back in March, Shmurda caught a tough break in court when a judge rejected a request to expose the arresting officers.

Bobby claims in new court docs cops have had it out for him because of his anti-police raps … adding the very same officers who arrested him in 2014 harassed him and his friends before. Shmurda says the 3 NYPD cops who claim they found him gun in hand in a NYC apartment have a history of lying. Shmurda says, in an unrelated case, one of the cops in question swore she saw a drug exchange but later fessed up and said it wasn’t true. (TMZ)

Bobby recently talked about having his trial delayed from February.

“They ain’t trying to give me the deal because they know if I come home, I’ma beat this, so right now, they trying to hold me in here as long as possible. So, they’re trying to hold me in for like 3 or 4 years. And then try to give me time served or something but they don’t nothing on me. I’m not even supposed to still be here. I got several lawyers maintaining my case that’s saying that the bail is supposed to be dropped and these charges are supposed to be dropped. The bail is not even supposed to be high due to the Emory Law Book. But they violating my constitutional rights. They violating my civil rights that they are just flushing it down the toilet for they own political reasons.” (This Is 50)