[After this week’s horrific University of Maryland-Baltimore area shooting, Baltimore native Damond Blue gives SOHH his reaction and emphasizes “more opportunities, more resources” leads to “less bodies, less killings.”]

At the end of the day, that goes on everywhere. In my mindset, after seeing the riots in the city and the media kind of beefed the stories up a little bit just to get more ratings and news, I have some feelings about that.

But my whole thing is it’s unfortunate. It starts with yourself. People blame the system, blame social service, they blame all these people but never sit back and look at themselves and try to make a change about themselves.

It all comes back to the individual and the household as well. If you’re raised in a household where they teach you how to be this, that and the third, your mindset will change.

But it’s unfortunate and those people lost their lives. God bless them and their families. Over the weekend, a young guy was killed around here and we didn’t get too much press on that.

The system is kind of crazy. Everything is set for us not to win. We’ve got a person who killed 9 people in a church and gets a bail, a million dollar bond. Rick Ross pistol-whipped and broke somebody’s jaw and got no bail. Ross got no bail and dude got a million dollar bail, does that make any sense?

I don’t understand it but God bless those people who lost their lives in my city but this is an ongoing thing. We need more places for the youth. We need more places where they can assist themselves because that’s what helped me better myself.

My father got killed when I was three. My mother got shot seven times. This is real life sh*t. She’s still alive, she’s doing well, I spoke to her earlier. She’s doing wonderful but this is life. Those opportunities, we need it. Some people don’t have the gift to rap, some people don’t know how to spit, but that’s what it is.

More opportunities, more resources will lead to less bodies, less killing.

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