After grueling face-offs led to a final SOHH Top 5 Dead or Alive match, West Coast emcee Blu becomes the victor, edging out Atlanta rapper Shamrock to take home the gold.

Reacting to his 83% overall votes that earned him the crown, Blu spoke to SOHH about winning the Top 5 gauntlet.

“It just goes to show how much we, as a hip-hop community, are on the same page,” Blu told SOHH via statement. “Even Shamrock and I have two artists we agreed should be in the Top 5. [This] gives me hope that one day I will be inducted into the Top 5 all-time list. Hip-hop is forever!” (SOHH)

Sham also hit up SOHH to share his reaction making it into the Top 5 Finals.

“It meant a lot that fans recognized my picks,” Sham expressed enthusiastically. “If nothing else, that it shows artists from the South like myself can have an appreciation for good music from other areas. When someone is an ill lyricist and can capture a universal audience through a well-crafted, catchy song, its undeniable. I’m heated I didn’t know I was making it this far, because I would have campaigned on Twitter to get the W!! Nah, but for real, it’s cool as h*ll to go up against rappers I like and admire, and to have some of the same picks and also to have fans vote my list as the best one.” (SOHH)

Sham’s Top 5 list included hip-hop greats like Jadakiss, Common, Andre 3000 and Ludacris.

“Jadakiss for sure…Common can rap about anything but what I really am passionate about with him is that he made being positive and uplifting cool…Andre 3000 is a creative genius…I think my boy’s gonna go down so let me put Fabolous up there…Ludacris’ versatility is almost untouchable. I don’t think there’s anybody that can match his punchlines, metaphors, jokes, roasts, telling stories, making songs about coming up and all that.” (SOHH Top 5 D.O.A.)

Blu’s picks ultimately proved to be readers’ favorites, courtesy of a list that included Redman and The Roots’ Black Thought.

“I want to go with OutKast as one entry for my first pick…Redman. Just look at [his album] Muddy Waters…Common gets my pick for dropping all of the knowledge and letting the up-and-coming generations know that it’s all good to be a positive role model on the mic…Black Thought drops way too many gems in his music…Mos Def, for being like hip-hop’s first “little brother.” (SOHH Top 5 D.O.A.)

Check out a past Blu interview below: