Marvel Studios’ Black Panther isn’t just a cool movie. The must-see box office smash hit has inspired former First Lady Michelle Obama to pull through for a rare Twitter appearance to boast about it.

Mrs. Obama went to Twitter Monday (February 19) to speak on how special this superhero flick really is.

This past weekend, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan reacted to his flick’s massive box office success.

“218 [million dollars]. Woo. See what happens when we support each other? Ain’t nothing we can’t do. You show up, you show out. You see what happens? It’s crazy. It’s just the beginning though. Let the movement continue.”

A few hours ago, R&B superstars Chris Brown and Alicia Keys heavily co-signed the hit movie.

After just a few days, Black Panther has already banked nearly $200 million in ticket sales.

The epic box-office debut of “Black Panther,” the first Marvel superhero movie with an African-American in the title role, will force Hollywood to reassess the work it gives black actors and filmmakers and lead to better roles for minorities and women. The movie from Walt Disney Co.’s superhero factory opened with estimated weekend sales of $192 million, ComScore Inc. said Sunday in an email, setting a record for a February opening and likely becoming the biggest movie ever starring a largely black cast. Analysts were forecasting about as much as $185 million for Friday through Sunday. (Fortune)