Reason 5: The Stinger

The after credits scene gave us something to look forward to when Infinity War kicks off. If you remember where we left off after the Civil War, Bucky was left under the protection of T’Challa and the walls of Wakanda. It would appear as though, Bucky is back and healthy with a clear mind. How the hell they did it, when you see the tech Zuri is working with, you’ll understand. The White Wolf is upon us. And he’s ready to assume his role back with Steve Rogers and maybe even as the next Captain America. Have to wait and see.

While this may not have been the greatest in the MCU, it’s definitely one of my favorites because it was surprisingly different from the rest. It did not have many ties to the rest of the movies in the MCU. This one served as one of the best introduction films I have seen. The timing of it was perfect and so many kids get to see a superhero who looks like them. I couldn’t have been happier to take my daughter to see this one for the whole experience. And now, bring that experience home. WAKANDA FOREVER!

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