Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is still out here crushing its competition. The must-see movie of 2018 has reportedly reached another box office milestone.

According to reports, Black Panther now holds the record as the fourth biggest movie in United States history.

Monday’s ticket sale totals brought Black Panther’s domestic earnings up to $652.5 million, just enough to make it the fourth-best box office earner in U.S. history. Jurassic World previously held that spot, with a domestic total of $652.3 million. The current pace of ticket sales also means that Black Panther is on the cusp of setting what will likely be its last major U.S. box office record. It should only take a couple more day to pass $659.4 million, the domestic total for James Cameron’s Titanic, currently #3 on the all-time U.S. chart. (Yahoo! News)

In late March, the blockbuster flick cemented itself as the top-grossing superhero movie in the U.S.

The Disney and Marvel release achieved the milestone on Saturday after passing up fellow Marvel title The Avengers, which grossed $623.4 million in 2012. To boot, Black Panther is only one of seven films to ever earn $600 million or more domestically (it currently ranks No. 6 on the list). By the end of Sunday, it will leap past Iron Man 3 ($1.214 billion) to become the third-biggest comic book adaptation behind The Avengers ($1.5 billion) and Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.4 billion). (The Hollywood Reporter)

Prior to April, the superhero smash had secured over $1.2 million in global sales since its mid-February release.

Disney/Marvel’s continuing marvel, Black Panther, has become the 14th film to cross $1.2B worldwide. And as if that weren’t enough, T’Challa’s Wednesday gross of $3M overseas lifted the Walt Disney Studios 2018 international box office past $1B. The Ryan Coogler-helmed superhero movie is at $590.4M international and $612.1M domestic for $1,202.5M global through Wednesday. (Deadline)