Comedian Deon Cole isn’t having it. The popular “Black-ish” star has come forward to address backlash and jokes getting thrown his way following a recent outfit he wore at a red carpet event.

Big Facts: On Tuesday, Cole jumped on Instagram with over 15 minutes of footage addressing the hate his fashion statement created.

“What’s up y’all, I want to talk about this real quick – first of all let me say this, I am a comic, number one. I like to have live moments, I like things to be live. Any event I’ve ever been to, I have a track record. You can see a track record of outfits I’ve worn. I’ve had horseshoes, seahorses, all kinds of prints, all kinds of colors – I’ve always had the balls to wear what I wanted to wear and with that comes opinions. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, everybody, I accept that – if you want to call my outfit the worst outfit you’ve ever seen in your life, you have that opinion. You’re supposed to. You ain’t supposed to like everything. … The part that I’m tripping over about this is the hate. The hate that I have been receiving because I wore a bell bottom valor velvet suit has been unreal. I’ve been told I’ve been called a ‘b*tch a** n*gga, f*ggot,’ I’ve been told I’m gonna get my a** whooped. … Motherf*ckers have denounced me from being funny – because of a suit. It wasn’t even a whole suit.”

High-Key Details: Cole also explained his love for the disco era as the motivation behind his outfit.

“Why was it so far-fetched for me to pay homage to an era that I love through Gucci, wearing a suit, a bell bottom suit that led y’all to go, ‘He gay,’ he a f*g,’ and all this other stuff. I’ve got tough skin, I’m a comic – but the hatred that you all spewed was crazy to me. And it’s always against our own kind – it’s crazy how you can look at me and put all your anger into me – but won’t put your anger into the right situations. It’s like a mismanagement of anger.”

Wait, There’s More: Cole’s outfit initially sparked an internal war of words between himself and troll legend Snoop Dogg in his Instagram comments section.

Before You Go: Hours prior, Deon vowed to address the hate he received on his social media channels.