The Black Eyed Peas’ is unafraid to tweet under any circumstance but reportedly got a stern warning when he tried to let his 3.5 million followers know he was inches away from Queen Elizabeth II this week.

According to singer Cheryl Cole, she had to step in on’s addiction with a friendly death threat.

“Black Eyed Peas” frontman and prolific tweeter had to be prevented from posting a message to the social networking site while standing on stage behind Queen Elizabeth II. Singer and onetime “X Factor” judge Cheryl Cole said she had to step in at Monday’s concert, organized as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London. “I actually had to warn him as we walked on to the stage,” she said of the star’s Twitter addiction. “He had the phone at the ready. I’m not joking, I had to say to him, ‘Put that phone away right now before I kill you’.” Cole made the revelation while recording Friday’s edition of BBC TV’s “The Graham Norton Show.” (My Fox DC)

After the temporary restraint, Will proceeded to tweet away with a slew of photos.

“Me and my crew holding down the royal palace while the people celebrate the #diamondjubilee,” he tweeted June 4th.

“Me @eltonjohn and annie lennox”

“Sergeant black pepper…me and sir Paul McCartney #diamondjubilee”

“Its Robbie will.i.ams (get it?) Robbie will.i.ams? He’s robbie I’m his last names william”

“I just realized I’m the shorter “” #diamondjubilee” (’s Twitter)

Last year, West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg proclaimed his Twitter appeal more effective than President Barack Obama.

Snoop Dogg has confessed he’s a fan of Twitter because he has more clout than US President Barack Obama on the social networking service. The US music star is a prolific tweeter, and explained: “I’m more influential than the president on there. That’s appealing.” But Snoop doesn’t want to be seen as a “role model”: “I don’t see myself as anything. I see myself as Snoop Dogg. I can’t control what the fans perceive me as or who the fans want me to be. I can only do me and it’s been working up until now.” (The Press Association)

Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 previously talked to SOHH about his Twitter habits.

“No matter how much popularity that I acheive, I want people to treat me like a regular person. That’s why I chose to not only converse with celebrities or only promote something on Twitter because it’s an opportunity to show people that I’m just a regular person. So yeah, I’ll get on there and argue like crazy. It’s all in fun though.” (SOHH)

Check out performing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee below: