Vixen Blac Chyna‘s legal muscle looks like she’s on the prowl to take down Usher. Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom has fired some warning shots his way.

Bloom went to Twitter Saturday (July 22) and called out Ush.

Heading into the weekend, details surfaced about a potential $10 million lawsuit getting thrown at Usher over an alleged unprotected sexual encounter.

However, in the docs, she says they had sex again 12 days later — this time in a New Orleans hotel room — and they did not use a condom. Cut to this month … when Jane Doe says she read news reports about Usher admitting in docs, connected to an earlier legal case, that he has Herpes Simplex 2. (TMZ)

Last year, Ush treated fans to a nude pic of his wife Grace Miguel.



Back in April, the R&B veteran tossed up a semi-nude selfie on social media.

Ursh snapped the pic Thursday and captioned it “blowin off steam” with an emoji covering his junk. Upon closer look it was hard to ignore that the emoji failed to cover all of his man parts and the tip of his dong was left sticking out. We had to retouch it a bit since it’s technically a d*** pic, but you can use your imagination and probably Google and find the real thing. (TMZ)