Vixen Blac Chyna relationship with Rob Kardashian and Ferrari might be long gone but that’s not stopping her from getting some serious affection.

Early Friday, BC went to social media with a clip of herself getting some on-screen attention.

This week, buzz developed about Ferrari possibly landing a “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” TV contract.

Production sources say producers are into Ferrari’s brashness … specifically that he is unashamed and will go toe-to-toe with anybody. The fact that he owned the naked pics of him and Chyna are a plus … at least the way the show sees it. Ferrari’s moved on and has already hooked up with someone else, and that relationship will be featured on the show … assuming, of course, it lasts. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, reports emerged about Ferrari allegedly dumping Chyna and returning expensive gifts.

Sources connected to the rapper, tell us Ferrari was hooked on Chyna … so much so he dropped $135,648 on three pieces of jewelry for her:

– $34,850 for a Rolex
– $56,500 for a gold necklace
– $32,250 for diamond earrings

Ferrari scooped up the booty back in June when he thought he and Chyna were the real deal — she’s even listed as “spouse” on the receipt. (TMZ)

Earlier the same week, paparazzi caught up with Ferrari and grilled him about BC.

“Ask Chyna,” Ferrari said when asked about their relationship. “Ask Chyna. [Will she stay with Rob?] I honestly don’t know. [Do I feel bad?] I can’t really answer. I don’t know. I feel good. I feel good. Rob’s a good guy. Rob’s a good guy. [Sex tape rumors?] Ask Chyna man. Ask Chyna.” (TMZ)