Vixen Blac Chyna is making sure people don’t forget today’s Flashback Friday contribution. The hip-hop model hit up social media to share a throwback shot of herself.

On Friday, Chyna went to Instagram with a must-like grade school pic.

This week, reports emerged about Chyna and her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian coming to terms with a child support arrangement.

We’re told Rob and Chyna will split custody 50/50 … though Rob will likely have his daughter more of the time. What’s really incredible … Rob was paying Chyna $20K per month in support and now he’ll pay nothing. Our sources tell us the agreement states each parent will only pay for Dream’s needs when she’s with them … and things like medical expenses and school will be split down the middle. (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, Chyna shared footage of herself clocking in mommy duties with her children.

In 2018, reports emerged about Chyna and Rob having an agreement about who gets their daughter Dream.

We’re told the former couple manages their 50/50 split like this — 4 days with one parent and 3 days with the other … and they switch that up week-to-week. Sometimes there’s scheduling conflict with either Chyna or Rob, but they’ve learned to pivot without any real drama. A big reason for their success … nannies!!! We’re told both Rob and Chyna have their own who handle all the baby hand-offs. (TMZ)