Vixen Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian really don’t have smoke for one another anymore. The former engaged couple are reportedly living smoother lives with better communication following a publicized child custody battle.

According to reports, ChyRo are going through face-to-face interactions and speaking to one another about their daughter Dream.

Sources close to the former couple say they underwent at least 7 mediation sessions together to iron out a deal for custody of Dream, and they’ve continued to be in direct contact about their daughter’s care. We’re told the goal is for Rob and Chyna to make face-to-face handoffs of Dream. Of course, they’ll still have nannies standing by to assist sometimes. As for the physical custody of Dream — Rob will have her for the majority, but they’ll be splitting holidays equally and finding ways to accommodate both parents’ schedules. (TMZ)

Last week, Chyna shared footage of herself clocking in mommy duties with her children.

In 2018, reports emerged about Chyna and Rob having an agreement about who gets their daughter Dream.

We’re told the former couple manages their 50/50 split like this — 4 days with one parent and 3 days with the other … and they switch that up week-to-week. Sometimes there’s scheduling conflict with either Chyna or Rob, but they’ve learned to pivot without any real drama. A big reason for their success … nannies!!! We’re told both Rob and Chyna have their own who handle all the baby hand-offs. (TMZ)

During the same time frame, Kardashian had gone head to head with a court battle for how much he had to pay Chyna in child support.

Here’s the thing … Rob and Chyna intensely dislike each other, but they have figured out a way to wall off their feelings when it comes to their daughter. As we reported … Rob’s gone back to court asking a judge to lower his child support payments, which had been set at $20k/month. We’re told Rob had planned to request the payments be chopped down from the get-go, and only agreed to the hefty child support to get Chyna to back off her domestic violence claims … which could’ve hurt him. (TMZ)