Reality TV couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna‘s recent publicized stint may have really went down. New reports claim ChyRo did not stage their viral breakup.

New reports claim they didn’t try pull a PR stunt in an attempt to spark TV ratings.

Production sources say film crews weren’t at Rob’s place last Saturday morning when Chyna allegedly got physical with her baby daddy. We’re told things were so bad, Corey Gamble had to rip Chyna off of Rob and even called Rob’s sisters over … but Chyna took off before they arrived. Our sources say reaction interviews were filmed shortly after the fight, but the brawl itself was the real deal. For what it’s worth, we’re told the two got back together just a few days after Chyna left and are co-parenting Dream. (TMZ)

Heading into the weekend, ChyRo hooked back up and broadcasted it on social media.


This week, Rob K inked a public apology to Chyna following a messy weekend split.



Blac Chyna had almost immediately responded to Rob K’s apology with a heart emoji.