Vixen Blac Chyna isn’t taking any chances. The hip-hop model took a moment away from putting on major photoshoots to get herself tested for coronavirus.

Chyna x COVID-19

This weekend, Blac Chyna hit up Instagram with footage of her anti-body test for coronavirus. Blac also went the extra mile to plug the doctor who came through for her house call.

““Thank you @abemalkinmd and @conciergemdlafor coming to my house to give me a COVID19 antibody test! Dr. Malkin also does medical house calls, so DM him for more info!”” -Blac Chyna’s Instagram

Blac Chyna undergoes test for coronavirus

Where’s The Coverage

Over the past few hours, rap star 50 Cent and hip-hop manager Wack 100 lit up their social media pages with thoughts about coronavirus. While 50 acknowledged racism is the ‘cure’ for COVID-19, 100 said he hadn’t seen any coronavirus coverage as a result of nationwide protests.

“This sh*t is just sad, 🤦‍♂️well i guess we know the cure for the corona virus was racism everybody back outside mad as a mother f*cker. #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“The revolution Will Be televised” -Wack 100’s Instagram

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The revolution Will Be televised

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Wait, There’s More

This weekend, NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. stepped up to discuss his thoughts on protests turning violent around the country. OBJ specifically talked about violence not being the answer despite how angry people feel.

“IM FRUSTRATED. More so because I don’t even kno how to speak or comment on this issue that’s been goin on for so long. I hate feeling defeated as if the words I wanna say [email protected] be enough to stop what’s goin on. I’m Tired. People are losing brothers sisters daughters. Losing fathers mothers aunties uncles etc…. VIOLENCE isn’t not the answer … cops killing us is not the answer, us killin cops is not the answer. VIOLENCE WILL ONLY BRING MORE VIOLENCE. God …. I’m praying that u can place your healin hand of grace upon this world . We NEED u right now more than ever. This has gotta end. Enough is enough. It’s that time. At this point u either chose to be apart of the solution or you’ll remain a part of the problem. The chose is yours. But let’s make the right chose so our kids kids wont have to grow up in this world we’ve creaTed. I’m pray for PEACE. I pray for resolutions. I pray for NO MORE.” -Odell Beckham Jr.’s Twitter

Before You Go

Beckham Jr. also made sure to let followers know he couldn’t win everyone over. Odell waved the white flag and refused to entertain criticism of his tweets.

“Btw. I’m really not here to fkn debate wit any of y’all neither. So u can miss me wit any retweets or comebacks or anything . It’s just enough . The saddest part to me on the inside is that I feel like our world will NEVER change. There’s so much hate. So much history. I want better for us. Everyone. I’m off twitter. There’s no winnin in this and tbh I was never here to win. Just wanna be apart of the solution goin forward so that my kids kids don’t have to deal wit this. Idk if that will be the case but that’s obviously the goal. It’s really the wrong time to be goin back. And forth wit internet warriors. I’m praying for this world right now . 2020 has been terrible. Honestly I kno people are hurtin. And I kno that I cant make that pain go away. I can’t bring family members back. I just don’t want us to lose anymore.” -Odell Beckham Jr.’s Twitter