D12‘s Bizarre isn’t here for anyone kicking dirt on his name. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to blast away at fellow rap act Joe Budden and tell fans he’s not backing down.

Biz went to Instagram Wednesday (January 10) and proceeded to light up Joe for getting at him on a podcast.

A few hours ago, Budden went to his podcast to discuss his unexpected rap feud with Biz.

“Here’s my question. Why do people think he’s talking about me,” Joe said referring to the feud stemming from Eminem dissing him on his new “Chloraseptic” remix. “I heard it this morning. What I’m saying is, I defended Em [Revival album] the whole way. I haven’t heard the album still. … [Biz?] He is Eminem’s nothing. Now, let’s get into a little bit of backstory – there was a D12 beef with me at some point. … Is Bizarre putting an album out? Bizarre ain’t spoke to Em in the last 15 years. Why the f*ck is he f*cking jumping in? Why is he jumping period? … I don’t have beef with Bizarre. I like Bizarre. Who’s going to have beef with Bizarre? … Bizarre knows I would beat him up.” (“Joe Budden Podcast”)


Since yesterday, both Biz and Joe Budden have clashed at each other on social media.

The feud allegedly stems from D12 leader Eminem possibly calling Budden out on his newly released “Chloraseptic” remix.

🤦‍♂️This isn’t going to end well! 😂 📸 #50Cent #JoeBudden

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