R&B singer Keyshia Cole could be $4 million poorer in the near future. A woman wants the major bucks from Cole over injuries she suffered at her hands back in 2014.

According to reports, victim Sabrina Mercadel felt Cole’s wrath after getting accused of sleeping with now-ex-boyfriend music mogul Birdman.

You’ll recall, Keyshia was dating Birdman in 2014 when, according to a police report, she found Sabrina Mercadel at his L.A. penthouse, flew into a jealous rage, and allegedly beat the hell out of her. Sabrina’s now laying out the full extent of her damages (financial and physical):

– $1.5 mil, pain and suffering
– $500k, emotional distress
– $2 mil, loss of use of body part
– $200k, future medical expenses
– $50k, loss of earnings
– $300k, future loss of earnings (TMZ)

2014 reports claimed Cole referred to Mercadel as a prostitute.

The lawsuit states … Keyshia insinuated Sabrina was a hooker, saying, “You can get your money later,” then slapping her on the butt. Sabrina’s lawyer repeatedly protests that his client was NOT in a romantic relationship with Birdman … the attorney calls the relationship “plutonic.” (TMZ)

Past reports claimed Cole would not be prosecuted by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for the attack.

Prosecutors have told Cole that instead of going to trial, they want her to appear at an informal office hearing, where someone from the City Attorney’s Office will listen to her and the victim and then give the singer a stern warning not to do it again … or else. The hearing officer can require Cole to go to anger management courses … something they’ve done in similar cases before. (TMZ)

Although brief in her response, Cole’s mom previously said she had her back.

“If I see Birdman, I’m gonna clip his wings,” Frankie said when asked about her stance on Keyshia and Birdman. “Y’all don’t want to hear none of this. What I think about Birdman? Glot! Glot! Glot! Glot-tah! What about Birdman? I’m about this [Cole album, Point of No Return].” (TMZ)