Cash Money Records CEO Birdman is staying busy on his social media goals. The hip-hop veteran went online this weekend to share another reunion shot alongside protégé Lil Wayne.

On Sunday, Baby went to Instagram to give fans an up-close look at himself and his number one Stunna.

The Louisiana native also went throwback-throwback with a vintage pic.

Baby initially went to Instagram Saturday night to share a shot of himself alongside Weezy.

Last Augustt, Baby publicly apologized to Wayne during a live concert for their past publicized royalties legal dispute.

“To be home, f*cking with my son. I love that n*gga to death. I don’t know what y’all know but I know what I know and I know I live by what I know. I knew this day was gonna come but I didn’t know when it was gonna come. But this n*gga right here, the realest n*gga, the illest n*gga and I wanted to apologize to my n*gga worldwide to let him know that, you heard me, that n*gga put his life in my hands and I’m gonna keep it real – we’re gonna do this sh*t until the day we die. YMCMB ’til death.”

Back in June 2018, Cash Money’s Jacquees revealed Wayne is still on the label.

“I just talked to Stunna the other day, he told me Wayne Cash Money. He said everything good, he said ‘I’m gonna get you Wayne on a song.’ That’s what I heard. I talked to Mack [Maine] the other day. Yeah. I mean, Mack always hit me. We’ve always had a relationship since I came to Cash Money. He always gave me advice. He always told me throughout my career Wayne rocked with me. He’s with Cash Money.” (TRL)