Cash Money Records boss Birdman is making sure Nicki Minaj knows how special she is. The hip-hop executive has hopped on social media to salute the Barbie’s greatness.

Baby went to Instagram this week and applauded Nicki’s Billboard Hot 100 slaying.

Coincidentally, Hot 97 radio veteran Funk Flex called Nicki a “wack” rapper.

Birdman recently called Nicki Minaj the greatest female rapper of all time.

“Nicki’s been working. That’s all I can say. She’s been working and she’s focused. I always say she’s the best ever, best female ever in hip-hop, hands down, facts. There’s no getting around it. I just think she’s focusing on her new project. … There’s levels to this sh*t. Very much levels to this sh*t. She’s an elite. Sometimes, you can put Nicki in a room with males on a rap, but if you put her on females, it’s nothing. She’s a monster in her own race. She’s just a special talent. I’m blessed to have her a part of my team. She’s a special talent I’ve never heard before.” (Rap-Up)