Cash Money Records head Birdman is reportedly on the verge of losing his Miami home over unpaid fees.

According to reports, Baby owes thousands to his Miami condo association.

Ivy Condo Association says between him bouncing checks and racking up over $12.5K in unpaid fees they’ve had enough — they filed a lien in November, and asked the court to foreclose on the rap mogul right before Christmas. Yo, bah humbug! Financial woes are stacking up for the Cash Money honcho — a reported $1.9 million federal tax lien, a $1 mil lien from a construction company … plus, he took out a $5M loan against his mega-mansion in April, just to pimp it out. (TMZ)

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Recently, Birdman landed on the cover of a new Marvel Comics issue.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Cash Money CEO’s Lugz boots, the company teamed up with Marvel for a special edition cover of the Spider-Man comic book. Featuring an animated Birdman in his signature pensive pose, The Amazing Spider-Man #11 collector’s edition was stocked at comic retailers in limited quantities. (VIBE)

Lugz executive Rashaun Smith recently talked about the unexpected cover.

“Birdman was excited when I brought the comic book opportunity to him,” LUGZ VP of Marketing Rashaun Smith told Hip Hop Weekly. “We put Kingpin from the comic world together with the kingpin of the music world with this special collector’s edition cover.” (Hip Hop Weekly)