“Urban” people not owning the “urban business” in hip-hop is whats holding NYC rap back…I think that it’s f*cked up that the people behind the richest form of music don’t get to control the music that gets put back into the streets. it made the inner city lose faith in them selves and support regions that has more support for one another…to make things worse there’s no avenues for the REAL NYC inner city youth to get popping…everything is about a bag at the end of the day…I feel like Def Jam let the hood down labels are scared to come to the hood.”

The last groups that sparked that confidence back was GS9, 2milly & BSB

Right now no one has the culture the way my #FAMALAY does uptown

FLOSSCITY is restoring confidence for the Bronx

Check out this behind the scenes video of @TheRealBiggBase & @travmbb “R.E.A.L”