After the news of incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie being found not guilty in a 2009 murder case became public on Friday (May 11), hip-hop stars ranging from Detroit’s Big Sean to Atlanta’s Young Jeezy have shared their Twitter reactions.

Big Sean led the charge by giving big props to Boosie for avoiding a murder conviction.

“One time for my n*gga Lil boosie,” Sean tweeted May 11th. (Big Sean’s Twitter)

New York radio veteran DJ Clue shared some kind words to Boosie and his family.

“I heard Lil Boosie beat his Murder charge…Congratz to him and his Family,” DJ Clue tweeted. (DJ Clue’s Twitter)

Atlanta’s 2 Chainz showed he was up on the murder trial by also taking to Twitter.

“One time to BOOSIE!! NOT GUILTY!!! …. TRUuuuuu,” Chainz tweeted. (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

Frequent Boosie collaborator Young Jeezy put on for his longtime friend.

“Lil BOOSIE ” NOT GUILTY” #GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!,” Jeezy tweeted. (Young Jeezy’s Twitter)

Florida rapper Plies sent out his best wishes to the Boosie family.

“Congrats 2 Boosie, Connie Hatch and the entire Hatch Family…..God is Real…#BadAzz,” Plies tweeted. (Plies’ Twitter)

Fellow Southern artist Webbie gloated on what went down this past Friday.


The locked up rapper’s “not guilty” verdict became public knowledge less than 48 hours ago.

Supporters cheered outside the 19th Judicial Courthouse in Baton Rouge once the verdict was announced. Hatch and his defense team hugged and began crying once the verdict was read. “All I can do is give the glory to God because I knew he was never guilty,” said Connie Hatch, the rapper’s mother. “He’s crying and he knew from the beginning he was never guilty.” “This man has been innocent,” said defense attorney Jason Williams. “He’s been innocent this whole time. Fans across the whole world have been praying for this. And, I thank God that justice was swift. I thank God that the truth came out.” (WAFB News)

Check out some past Lil Boosie footage below: