G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean isn’t waiting around for the COVID-19 crisis to end. Instead, the hip-hop superstar has announced his new Detroit 2 album is coming.

Big Facts

On Wednesday, Sean Don went online to break the news to fans. He used a cinematic highlight clip of the past few years to formally reveal his studio effort follow-up to 2012’s Detroit mixtape.

Big Sean announces Detroit 2 album is coming

High-Key Details

On Wednesday, Sean Don hit up Instagram to geek out over his 32nd birthday. To celebrate, Big released a slideshow of throwback baby pics.

The rap star celebrates his birthday with some throwback pics and Big Sean announces Detroit 2 album is coming

Wait, There’s More

A few weeks ago, the Detroit native hit up Instagram with a shot of himself sitting on a workout bench. Sean Don is shown in the pic rocking a t-shirt saying ‘God Is My Source.’

“I can see more with my eyes closed sometimes. Don Life.”

Before You Go

Recently, Sean Don went to IG to acknowledge his Dark Sky Paradise album’s 5-year release date anniversary.