Working Wednesday. It’s a day to put in all that work, work, work SOHH why not get things going with retired MLB champion David “Big Papi” Ortiz getting a little bit of revenge? Speaking of big guys, how about luxury gift service Man Crates coming up with a solution to end package thefts? On a different note, are you here for Spotify’s new Black History Is Happening Now campaign? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

1. Papi’s Revenge

There’s never been a bigger fan of binging TV shows and watching new content. Over the past few weeks, Fusion TV has hit a homerun with their “Big Papi Needs a Job” where he’s traveling around getting new jobs that are just flat-out hilarious. Turns out Ortiz is ready to get some revenge. Fusion TV has come through with the clip:

“Big Papi Needs a Job” follows David “Big Papi” Ortiz, one of the most decorated and beloved players in Red Sox history, as he embarks upon the post-baseball phase of his life. The 10-part half-hour series follows the all-star as he seeks gainful employment ─ exploring a range of different professions ─ and sometimes learning not everything comes as natural to him as America’s favorite pastime.

Each episode follows “Big Papi” as he embraces a new job that piques his interest—from heading back to his old stomping grounds of Fenway Park to be a tour guide, to trying out his skills as a dog groomer, manicurist and musician. After initial training, he’ll be thrust into line of duty, quickly learning how to sink or swim as he’s put to task. Along the way, we’ll hear from his on-the-job managers and clients to hear what they think of Big Papi’s work and, most importantly, if they think he has a future in the industry. With Ortiz’s up-for-anything attitude and all-star personality, each week “Big Papi Needs a Job” promises to be an adventure like no other.

David Ortiz has created a name for himself on the baseball field by being one of the most successful players, not only in Red Sox history, but throughout the sport of baseball. His heroics in ending the Red Sox World Series curse in 2004 and record-breaking MVP performance in the 2013 World Series have earned him legendary status as one of Boston’s greatest sports heroes on field and off. A ten-time All-Star and three-time World Series Champion, Ortiz is recognized as one of the greatest and most popular players of this era. He holds the all-time record for most hits and home runs by a designated hitter and in 2015 became the 27th player in baseball history to join the 500 Home Run club.

“Big Papi Needs a Job” is a FUSION Original Series produced in conjunction with Matador Content.

Are you in tears? Think David Ortiz has a Hollywood career on deck? Have you binged this show yet? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Man Down

Is Man Crates putting an end to theft? With Amazon Prime locking down the package game and making home delivery the norm, it only makes things tougher when having to worry about some random person just rolling up to your front porch to steal your goods. Turns out Man Crates has the solutions we all need. Peep the info below:

According to the 2017 Package Theft Report, 61 percent of American consumers believe that online retailers are not doing enough to prevent package theft. With its highly desirable gift packages landing on hundreds of thousands of doorsteps nationwide, Man Crates recognizes the threat of theft from criminals, neighbors and even envious family members and is working to eliminate that risk for its customers.

After purchasing the perfect gift for the man in your life, you can now select your Porch Piracy Protection option during the checkout process, similar to how you choose your shipping preference. Porch Privacy Protection feature options include:

Giant Mouse Trap: Guaranteed to capture and hold thieves up to 250 pounds, mouse traps are used creating 100% recycled crate materials.

Swarms of Bees: Available exclusively during sunny weather conditions, swarms include between 50 and 75 bees that will surround and sting suspicious persons who come within seven feet of a package.

Acoustic Guitar Guy: Our most cost-effective option supplies a musician of questionable talent who will perform around your gift for tips and donations.

Ill-Tempered Baboon: Trained at Man Crates’ headquarters, baboons are provided photos of intended recipients to insure packages are not picked up by others.

Creepy Clown: With males and females available, clowns will hide in shrubbery or behind exterior home décor to effectively frighten and ward off robbers as they approach the Man Crate.

Unavoidable Solicitor: Usually soliciting a minute for the environment, best for urban delivery addresses, this option is not available overnight.

Would the Creep Clown work? How about the Acoustic Guitar Guy? Sorry guys, this is an EARLY April Fools! #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Spot On

Black History Month might be over but Spotify is keeping the celebration going year round with the Black History Is Happening Now campaign. To help launch things off, the streaming giant has teamed up with singer Janelle Monae. Spotify has the deets:

Spotify will celebrate and amplify the voices of Black creators beyond the month of February with the launch of Black History Is Happening Now. Through Black History is Happening Now, artists, creatives and organizations that are working to impart change for communities of color will tell stories and raise topics that are important to them through video, podcasts and music curation. Spotify will be paying tribute to the musicians who have paved the way and the artists who will define what’s next.

Throughout the campaign, playlists and conversations will change as artists contribute to the platform. This month, Janelle Monáe emerges as Spotify’s first Black History Is Happening Now curator and gives fans an inside look at black history and black culture through her eyes. The hub will feature her stance on Black History Is Happening Now including playlists featuring artists who have influenced her music, favorite up-and-coming artists and a documentary film that pays homage to the history and narrative of Afrofuturism in partnership with author/filmmaker Ytasha L. Womack.

“I am thrilled to be teaming up with Spotify to help kick off an important new initiative celebrating black history and culture through Black History is Happening Now,” said Janelle Monáe. “I’ve always been excited and inspired to try to redefine how we’re seen. It’s important to me to celebrate black history year round and with Spotify’s commitment to honoring the black community all year long and showcasing artists and organizations who are dedicated to imparting change. I felt it was the perfect platform to share my story of Afrofuturism and express my vision and creative ideas.”

Does this make you want to support Spotify more? Are you Team Apple Music and/or TIDAL? Who should be featured next month? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

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