Big Dawg Entertainment’s “For A Reason” Mixtape [Audio]

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Big Dawg Ent
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Big Dawg Entertainment (BDE) is more than a label, it is a family. The label is headed by CEO and artist J Pizzle (JP) who previously owned the music production company, Money Time Production (MTP) in which he shared with his brother Hard Nard. During this time, JP recorded his first 2 mixtapes, Da Streets Made Me and Family First, which can be found on Livemixtapes. After a tragic accident left his brother paralyzed, JP decided to give his music career a break. However, JP’s passion for writing eventually led him back to music and he founded Big Dawg Entertainment as an outlet for himself and upcoming talent.

Members of BDE include Quavvo Sinatra, BDE recording artist, producer, graphic designer, & engineer; Luh Tim, BDE recording artist & producer; Cassh, BDE recording artist; Ty Herbs, BDE recording artist & producer; and Capo Jay, BDE recording artist.

These artists pride themselves on equally balancing high school (AP courses) and their passion for music.

BDE’s For a Reason, compilation mixtape released January 1st with features from Skooly (Street Execs) and production from Zaytoven, Cassius Jay, 2-17 On The Track, Fresh Jones, Bricks Da Mane, Chophouze, & many more!

Check out BDE’s website for music, videos, and more information!

Stay tuned for more exclusives and behind the scenes footage with Lalaa @LalaaShep YouTube/ LalaaShep

Comments Off on Big Dawg Entertainment’s “For A Reason” Mixtape [Audio]

Written by SOHH Squad

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