With his new An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size tell-all book finally on store shelves, SOHH reached out to radio host-turned-author Big Boy to find out how he went into putting it together.

According to Boy, there was no resistance or slight hesistation to tell his life story, the good and bad, which involved his homeless and pre-fame days in California.

“I didn’t go into it thinking I was going to write a book,” Boy told SOHH. “It’s crazy because I talk on-air everyday. But on-air, I’m funny and I can talk about what I want and so I can give you a little bit [of myself] and then close it up. With the book, it was more like, ‘OK, I have to give them a lot.’ … I just felt like I started pulling these layers off. I got so comfortable with talking [into a tape recording] that it was like clarity that I thought I never needed. I didn’t realize how much I had said until I read the book. I could tell a lot of my story because it’s mine, but then when I start talking about being homeless or sleeping in the mall or my mom having to pawn my sister’s radio, those are like my family stories. So that’s what I was more cautious of. My family was fine with it and saw I kept it real because there was nothing disrespectful in there. We love each other. There was no, ‘Gotcha’s!’ in there. I don’t have crack whore sister or nothing like that.” (SOHH)

Last week, Boy gave SOHH a few reasons why fans should support the new book.

“Reason number one is because this is a book that really is about triumph. It’s not a book about gastric bypass, it’s not just about reading my story. It’s one of those books you can kind of pick up for someone that might not be fighting through obsesity but is having some trouble in their household and had people who didn’t believe in them and going through obstacles. This is really just a book about a person that went through being homeless, battling obsesity, my father not being around but still having all of that great love from my family and grabbing what was positive while leaving what was negative on the table. It’s about me living my dream.” (SOHH 5 Reasons)

He also pointed out how much the everyday person could relate to his life.

“The number four reason why you should get my book is because a lot of people can find similarities with this story. There are some differences and we embrace them but you have to really look at those similarities, too. When I say similarities, I’m talking about if there’s someone who didn’t see their dad around them, they can read that story. If there’s someone who felt like there wasn’t any opportunities out there for them, then there’s those similarities. If there’s somebody that felt like society was shutting them down, you’re going to see those similarities in the book.” (SOHH 5 Resaons)

Outside of his book, the radio veteran recently spoke on still being a fan of the entertainment industry.

“I’m a fan of the business. Even after being at Power 106 for 17 years, I trip out on having someone like Drake coming in. It’s crazy that I can see Jennifer Lopez, and she knows me. I remember paying to go see Ice Cube in concert, and fast forward years later, he’s performing at my birthday party. I pray to God that I never get used to that.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Big Boy interview below: