Southern rapper Big Boi has vowed to keep silent on plans for another OutKast project despite being frequently asked about his relationship with Andre 3000.

Boi said they would wait until a new group album begins to come together before giving out details.

The more visible OutKast member says he’s frequently asked about the long-awaited project from him and André 3000, but things could get ugly if he spills the beans. “When I do interviews and they ask where the OutKast album is, I have to tell them it’s top-secret information, and that me and Andre 3000 will have to put something to your temple if I say something about it,” he tells SPIN magazine. The duo made a promise not to speak about their next collaborative effort until the release is near. “We made a pact that we will not disclose any information until it’s about to come out,” he reveals. (Rap-Up)

Recently, Boi spoke on Andre 3000 being removed from his upcoming solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot.

“Jive Records is trying to block 3 Stacks from being on the album. Boi Stop!!!!”

“They told me my album was a piece of art… And that they didn’t understand my music. Now they mad because y’all love it !”

“The Andre 3000 records r on deck..Stay Tuned !!!!!!!!!!!!” (Big Boi’s Twitter)

He later blamed “stupid politics” on the part of Jive Records for Andre’s removal.

“It’s plain stupidity. It’s stupid business and it’s stupid politics. I mean, Jive Records had ‘Shutterbug’ for three years. And ‘General Patton’ for three years. You see what I’m saying? They told me to go in and make my version of Lil’ Wayne‘s ‘Lollipop!’ I love that song. That was my favorite song when it came out. But how you gonna tell me to go bite another MCs style? How are you even going to open your mouth up to tell me to go and do that? That’s the highest form of disrespect ever. So that’s when I wanted to get off Jive. And the only honorable thing they’ve done is allow me to do that. So I’ve had nothing to do with them. Dré tried to have a talk with Jive and they said, ‘No, we can’t. That’s gonna make us look bad.'” (GQ)

Earlier this year, Boi said a new Kast album would follow Andre 3000’s solo debut.

“The OutKast album, I can’t really say which label it’ll be on because I really don’t know which label it’s gonna fall. I’m gonna put my solo album out first, Dre is working with his solo album right now…” (Gyant Unplugged)

Sir Lucious Left Foot drops Tuesday, July 6th.

Check out Big Boi speaking on Andre 3000 down below: