Florida rapper Bhad Bhabie isn’t letting the haters win. The 17-year-old hip-hop artist has addressed the growing attention her relationship with 20-year-old rapper Yung Bans has generated with an A$AP Rocky meme.

Bhad Vibes

This past weekend, Bhad Bhabie hit up Instagram to reference people trying to dig into her dating life. She used a meme telling the world they’re not concerned about what others think regarding their marital statuses.

“Bhad Bhabie speaking on her relationship with Yung Bans 🤔 .” -SOHH’s Instagram

Bhad Bhabie addresses dating rumors with a meme

Rumor Has It

Earlier in the week, BB replied to a social media user claiming 20-year-old rapper Yung Bans could land in big trouble for recently appearing in her bed. Bhad Bhabie defended Bans and downplayed their age gap.

When asked if the “Partna In Crime” rapper was aware that being with Bhad Bhabie was allegedly a criminal offense, the teenage rapper hit back. “A 3 year age difference can not make someone get a charge,” she replied. “Damn y’all kids are dumb and know what the hell yall b talking about.” Bregoli’s birthday is in March, meaning she is only set to turn 18 next year, while Bans will be 21 on May 25th. “I’m more than happy!” Bhad Bhabie declared. “I just don’t like people speaking down on him for no reason. I’m not gonna let no one do that PERIOD.” (Urban Islandz)

Bhad Bhabie defended the age between her and Yung Bans

Wait, There’s More

Bhad didn’t stop there. She also said there is no legal threat in Atlanta despite the three-year age difference and Bhabie also went the extra mile recently by getting Bans’ real name tatted onto her body.

She continued by clarifying that, in Atlanta, the age of consent is 17 and that clarifies that they are not breaking any rules. Bhabie further went on to explain why she’s defending him. “I’m more than happy! I just don’t like people speaking down on him for no reason,” she wrote.”I’m not gonna let no one do that PERIOD.” Bhad Bhabie seems pretty serious about her relationship with Bans, to the point that she seven got his name tatted on her leg. Bhabie has the word “Vas” tattooed on her thigh in honor of Bans’ birth name, which is Vas Coleman. (Capital Xtra)

Before You Go

Last Wednesday, Bhabie hit up her Instagram page with a slideshow of new hairstyle moments. The pic and clips feature Bhad Bhabie donning a blonde look.

“Hey yall…I’m a blonde now🥰” -Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram

Bhad Bhabie shows off her new hair color