Bhad Bhabie To Jermaine Dupri: “Suck My D**k, Been Like 10 Yrs Since Bow Wow”

Written By SOHH Squad

Rap newcomer Bhad Bhabie isn't giving much value to Jeramine Dupri in 2019. The hip-hop rookie has ripped JD following recent comments he made about the new wave of female rappers.

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Bhad went to her Instagram Story last night with a since-deleted message to the 46-year-old Grammy winner.

A few days ago, JD went to his social media pages to address backlash he received over questioning the content women rappers put in their records.

Last Thursday, New York rapper Cardi B responded to JD’s comments and co-signed a bunch of female hip-hop artists.

Last week, Dupri nearly broke the Internet with his now-infamous comments.


Written by SOHH Squad


    • Thats whats wrong with this generation now. They only focus on whats hot for the moment and this man has a career thats spanns over 20 years. He’s had more hits than80% of the industry and she hasn’t even had 1 hit yet. No shade just straight facts
  1. This lil girl needs to sit down.  He said what he said and if you do not like it then prove him wrong. Oh that’s right not one song of hers plays through out my day. Have several seats!

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