Florida rapper Bhad Bhabie is looking very different with summer midway complete. The hip-hop newcomer went online this week to share a few looks at herself looking a bit different.

Bhad Bhabie’s New Selfie

Heading into Friday, Bhad went to her Instagram page with a couple new pics. While her frame appeared in place, Bhabie’s face seemed a little thinner.

“when it come down to you i never say no, like i’m supposed to right?” -Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram

Fans were also alarmed at Bhad Bhabie’s new selfie. People went into the pics’ comments section with some serious concerns.

“What happened to your face”

“Face long asl”

“i wish i didn’t see this”

“Why does your face look like that😭”

“girl you look a mess”

“her face look long asl here”

High-Key Details

In June 2020, BB hit up her Instagram Live to set the record straight. She let followers know she didn’t spend 30 days receiving medical attention over Percocet usage.

“I’m back – and let’s make something clear. I was not no f*cking Perc head, okay? … I’m back and better than ever. But, I did need a break though because it was a lot going on in my personal life.” -Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram Live

Bhad Bhabie returns from rehab

Wait, There’s More

Bhabie initially hopped on Instagram hours prior with her first post since June 2. She shared a heartfelt open message about losing a friend and shared a slideshow of pics.

“I told you I would love you 4L and even after that😪 imma stand on that. This broke my heart I’m so hurt you was always there for me even when I would cuss you out but I knew you would only b doing and saying certain sh*t to protect me from others and even from myself. I could always rely on you if no one would answer I knew yola would. I will never forget your smile and your laugh will continue to play in my head over and over again. this sh*t don’t even make sense I can’t believe I’m even typing this rn like wtf how could someone do this how tf could someone take you from me I don’t get it I don’t understand and I never will. I will love you forever 💚💚💚” -Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram

Before You Go

According to reports, Bhad came out of a rehab treatment center shortly before summer started up. She reportedly spent an entire month receiving medical help.

Danielle Bregoli — AKA Bhad Bhabie — is returning to her regularly scheduled program in the music biz, ’cause she’s out of rehab and ready to get back to work. Sources close to Bhad Bhabie tell TMZ … the 17-year-old rapper was released Wednesday after completing a 30-day rehab program. We’re told she feels great and is happy to be back out and about. We’re told her main focus now is her music. (TMZ)