Rap rookie Bhad Bhabie is showing social media is not the place to play around with underage girls. The hip-hop artist has exposed boxer Adrien Broner for low-key sliding into her direct messages.

Big Facts: Heading into the weekend, Bhabie took a screenshot of Broner hitting her up.

Boxer Adrien Broner, 30, is in the hot seat Friday after being put on blast by 16-year-old viral rap stripling Bhad Bhabie, née Danielle Bregoli, for creeping on her via Instagram.Broner, a 33-4 pro, direct-messaged Bregoli on Instagram, writing “text me crazy girl.” Bregoli responded by posting a screenshot of the message, along with the Akon song “Locked Up,” an apparent reference to their age discrepancy. (Page Six)

High-Key Details: Broner has since come forward to defend his image and blame Instagram for not displaying the 16-year-old rapper’s age.

Wait, There’s More: To make matters worse, BB’s fans made sure to tag federal authorities to go after Broner.

She attached a video of the Akon song, “Locked Up” — a clear shot at Broner for hitting up a minor. Bregoli’s fans immediately went after the boxer on social media — lighting up his page with comments saying he should go to jail … and even tagging the FBI and Atlanta Police. Earlier in the day, Bregoli created a social media buzz by posting a video in which she’s modeling a crop top. Broner’s message seems to be in response to that clip. (TMZ)

Before You Go: Broner is no stranger to law enforcement and previously paid out nearly $1 million in a sexual assault case.

Adrien Broner, on the other hand, is a thirty-year-old boxing world champion with a history of abuse against women. Broner was charged with battery in 2016 for allegedly choking a waitress at a nightclub, booked for sexual battery in 2018, and ordered to pay over $830k for sexual assault in 2018. Although it’s possible that his flirtation with Bhad Bhabie was an honest mistake, it doesn’t do Broner’s reputation any favors. Fans of Bhabie also point out that her age is easy to find on the internet, and she was clearly very young when she appeared on Dr. Phil in 2016. (Urban Islandz)