[With a highly-anticipated Love Me Or Leave Me album on deck, former Beyoncé and Rihanna dancer Alv3ster Martin tells SOHH why he never copped any ridiculous tabloid paychecks for inside scoops.]

I’m not even going to lie, it never crossed my mind to talk to the tabloids. I personally take my career extremely serious.

Nothing is ever worth messing up my career and the longevity, especially now that I’m doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do. Leaving the dance world and being my own artist, karma’s a b***h.

You never win when you’re dirty. That’s when the professionalism goes out the door. You really want to be respected on the inside.

You could care less for a couple of dollars. You could make that in a couple of jobs if you stay professional. I’m very big on that.

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