Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is letting her husband/rapper Jay-Z see he is not the only one in the family capable of bringing in big bucks by signing a $50 million deal with popular soda company Pepsi.

Details of the new collaborative effort surfaced online Monday (December 10) morning.

In an expansion of the recent marketing experiments that have brought PepsiCo ever closer to the music industry, the company has embarked on a hybrid project with Beyoncé that will include standard advertising like commercials as well as a multimillion-dollar fund to support the singer’s chosen creative projects. “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve,” Beyoncé said in a statement. “As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.” (New York Times)

Pepsi will play a big role in Bey’s future touring and music projects.

At some point after her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance on February 3rd (of which Pepsi is a sponsor), the singer will appear in a new TV ad for the soft drink, which will also feature her face on a limited-edition run of soda cans. The deal will also involve sponsorship of her tour next year (Beyoncé is expected to release a new album at some point in 2013), along with a multi-million dollar fund for Beyoncé’s creative projects, even if they have no obvious connection to Pepsi. Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, general manager of Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment, said those collaborative projects could include live events, videos or “a cool photo shoot,” but are still at the early stages of development. (Rolling Stone)

Earlier this year, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj took part in a Pepsi campaign.

The clip, set to a remix of Minaj’s hit ‘Moment for Life,’ opens with a cute brunette couple popping open some cans of — what else? — Pepsi. The song choice was a deliberate one, because as soon as they start sipping, time stops. The duo takes advantage of this and goes on a global adventure. After strolling through the streets, they hit the beach to see if it’s still, well, still. It is. They’re beginning to both enjoy and get the hang of this. They each take another sip and then take photos with the frozen athletes playing soccer on the sand, then hit the road again. (Pop Crush)

Reports of Bey’s new deal comes just days after she allegedly purchased her husband a $5 million birthday present.

December 05, 2012: What do you get a man who has EVERYTHING . . . well if you’re Beyonce and you know that your husband likes HUBLOT watches . . . you buy him the MOST EXPENSIVE HUBLOT WATCH IN THE WORLD. A little birdie told us that Beyonce dropped close to $5 MILLION to buy Jay Z that diamond encrusted watch. The snitch tells us that Jay Z is a HUGE watch collector and was VERY EXCITED when he saw what Bey got him. Must be nice . .. (Media Take Out)