Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé looks like she’s low-key getting some repek put on her name from the First Lady. New speculation has developed over Melania Trump saluting Queen Bey after a recent outing.

Recently, a pic went viral of Trump donning a Bey-looking “Formation” hat.

The designer behind lacing up Trump has since come forward to address her attire.

The white hat Melania Trump wore for French President Emmanuel Macron’s White House visit wasn’t a Beyonce knockoff … it’s your basic hat that was simply made to fit the First Lady’s head … according to its designer. French-born designer Hervé Pierre frequently dresses Melania and tells TMZ … he was super surprised over the hat buzz. People noticed the similarity to Beyonce’s black hat from her “Formation” video … especially because of the wide brim. Pierre insists Bey didn’t cross his mind when he created the design. (TMZ)