I figured it’s a slow night, so why not do a live blog on "The Negro Channel’s" 25 Strong. The show is a bunch of negro’s giving the channel props industry negros who have paid "The Negro Channel" at one time or another to play their video. Why can’t people just say, they like BET for 25 years of good videos and Spark re-runs? Is that so hard to say?

To me, BET is nothing more than a man who figured out how to get labels to send him videos – for free – and play the videos while inserting commercials inbetween them getting paid. Nothing wrong with that. Then when he got overloaded with videos, he figured, if people pay me, I’ll play the video more frequently.

When I see BET, I don’t see me. I see the negro’s I’m trying to get away from. Don’t front. If you could move, you would. 

The truth of the matter, the 25 Strong show is an attempt to rewrite BET’s history with the help of the top industry execs. For example, they have house niggers Kevin Lyles and RusSellout Simmons praising BET for it’s news coverage on events such as The OJ Simpson Bronco Chase.


Now you know these negros are lying. In 1994, every Black man was more than likely watching the NBA Finals – Game 5, The Rockets vs. The Knicks – when the game was interupted for OJ. NBC had to put a split screen on the game and the chase. Wasn’t no one watching BET that night.

Lyles and Simmons was sucking the network WAY TOO HARD with some of their comments. I don’t think Kimmora is going to kiss Russell with those lips anymore. Even Reginald Hudin, President of Entertainment of BET, stepped in to take over on the network sucking moment. He claimed BET has stopped it’s programming to cover important topics pertaining to Black people. WHEN WAS THIS REGGIE?

Honorable "I Wanna Suck Off The Network Too" Mention goes to Jay-Z who claimed Teen Summit was like a father figure of some sort. I guess the show was a bad father figure for Jay because he still went out and sold drugs. For a guy doing so many runs on Peter Pan when did he have time to watch Teen Summit? Hey Jay, "you don’t make money watching TV."

Anyway, here’s a run down of the show. 

9:00 – Who decided to let Donnie Simpson host? Was Steve Harvey not available? He’s a corny ass nigga believing that he still looks good. Fake ass Lando Carissian look alike.

9:03 – Earth Wind & Fire performs. I like them but the guy with the long hair who plays the guitar scares me. He’s too skinny. They got some chick doing background vocals is too busy being cute to sing. Drop down and get your eagle on girl.

9;05 – Earth Wind & Fire are still performing the same song. They go into another song. The audience looks bored to death. Move along. Soon.

9:08 – A LONG ASS COMMERCIAL BREAK! JESUS. Thank God for Tivo. [Ends at 9:14] 

9:18 – Queen Latifah comes out to host. WTF was she wearing? The Holiday Inn is missing curtains. Her hairstyle was wack too. Take ya ass to Jenny Craig and slow down on the Pizza Hut.

9:21 – LL Cool J performs Rock The Bells wearing some vintage sweatsuit. This is interesting. It’s live instruments with a guitar and some breakdancers in there too. I see DJ Cut Creator is still there in the background. Amazing. This nigga will not be missed when he dies. For some reason, Cool James feels the need to perform Headsprung. At some point he stops rhyming like we know the words. We don’t. However, unlike the Earth Wind & Fire performance, the audience shows signs of life.

 9:31 – Arsenio Hall comes out looking like a real doofy ass nigga. Who told this negro to shave his mustache off? Howard Hewitt comes out on stage singing "The Lover In You". Every black woman is singing along. Then MC Hammer comes out in a purple fur and purple suit. Then he proceeds to dance. Personally, I never liked him rapping or dancing. I seen niggas on the D-Train doing better moves.

9:39 – New Edition gets on. I love these guys. These guys still got it. Glad to see Ronnie took some time off from selling houses to be there. Puffy was in the audience singing along. He had that look on his face like "I need to re-release One Love tommorow and capture some sales."

9:44 – Bobby Brown joins New Edition on stage for Mr. Telephone Man. I wonder who signed him out of rehab. Two steps into the show and he’s out of breath. NE leaves and Bobby starts to do My Perrogative.He has no idea where he is because he screams ‘Let’s give it up for the BET Awards.’ Crackhead. Ralph and Ronnie join Bobby during the bridge of the song doing a three man routine. It’s kinda hot seeing these guys performing again.

9:56 – Steve Harvey comes out to present a tribute to Luther Vandross. Harvey tends to believe that the louder he is, the funnier he’ll be. He’s so wrong. Steve – YOU ARE NOT FUNNY. Trust me, people are laughing at you, not with you. We want Ced. We want Ced.

10:00 – Whitney Houston appears and looking so much better tonight. The wig piece is TIGHT. She put on weight. Black women across America are excited for a split second and then she tries to sing. Sounds like she’s got some crack in her lungs. Give it a few more months and she’ll be ok.

10:03 – I do not like John Legend. I like some of his songs but something about him is very pretty boy-ish like his hands never did yard work. I expect him to come out the closet any day now. As he plays the piano for his tribute To Luther Vandross, they flash through pictures of BIG HEALTHY LUTHER.

10:12 – Usher says some silly ass speech that sounds like a NEGRO CHANNEL INFO-MERCIAL.

"Before BET I had nothing. After La Face paid BET to play my video, I got money, success and fame. Thanks Bob Johnson."

 10:16 – R. Kelly takes the stage. Goes through a bunch of hits. Does really well. I take time to thank God that he doesn’t perform In The Closet.

10:28 – Snoop Dogg performs with Bow Wow, George Clinton and Parliment. I hope Timberland is paying George for wearing that sweatshirt. It looked like a bootleg shirt though. Snoop does his thizzle.

10:41 – Diddy and his clear skin gets on the mic. He introduces Method Man who performs Bring The Pain. Why? I have no idea.

 10:48 – O. Now I know why he’s doing Bring The Pain. So he can go into ‘All I Need’ with Mary J. Blige. If anyone cares, Kwame is in the audience mouthing the lyrics. Meth leaves. Mary goes into I’m Going Down. Mary proceeds to premiere a new song. It’s not her new single, Be Without You. Whatever this song is, it sounds wack. But "The Negro Channel" audience pretends to like it.

11:00 – As always, Leon pops up. You never see him on nothing else but BET Events. It’s like he got an exclusive contract with BET to be a presenter at all they events or something. If you’ve ever seen this negro at a function OUTSIDE of BET, holla at your boy.

11:02 – I can’t watch anymore talking about how great BET is. I think Kirk Franklin is about to perform. That’s my cue.