Last night, BET aired its first-ever original music documentary, My Mic Sounds Nice, which analyzes the role of female emcees in hip-hop.

Directed by Ava DuVernay, the special featured numerous insight from past and present femcees.

Last night BET aired its first ever original music documentary special, My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women In Hip Hop – a new film directed and executive produced by Ava DuVernay, taking an in-depth look at the role of female rappers in Hip Hop. Featuring interviews with music executives, journalists, artists (including Missy Elliott, Eve, Trina, Rah Digga, Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte, Yo Yo and Lady of Rage and Jean Grae) and Hip Hop moguls (Jermaine Dupri, Russell Simmons and Kevin Liles), the documentary “examines gender-specific differences in artistry, marketing, promotion and economics, explores why there are far fewer female than male MCs, and discusses whether there’s still a place for women in Hip Hop.” (Soul Culture)

Artists like female hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte shared their thoughts on today’s female rappers.

“Bottom line is how much money can I make off of your *ss,” MC Lyte asserted in her interview. Lyte and other artists, including Yo Yo, Trina, Salt-n-Pepa, Eve, Lil’ Mama, Roxanne Shante and Missy Elliott talked individually about their experiences as female MCs in hip hop. The documentary goes deep as it examines the history of femcees, the over-sexualization of female artists, and specific artists responsible for paving the way. Questlove made great points about Lauryn Hill, who was the subject of one segment of the show. “With Lauryn Hill’s absence, it’s been very, very quiet,” he said. The documentary also went on to address the emergence of Nicki Minaj and posed the question of whether Nicki’s success will help usher in a new wave of femcees. (BET)

Prior to airing, BET executive Stephen Hill spoke on the documentary’s purpose.

“This is a story that could not be told by one voice. It required a chorus. And although this story is comprehensive, it is still likely one of many truths about the role of women in hip-hop” said Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials.” (Statement)

Following the show’s broadcast, female rapper Trina tweeted her reaction.

“I think we are strong females in hip hop! I love Lauryn Hill so much!!!”

“I have so much respect and love for @MissyElliott she has paved the way for us as female artist.. Much Respect!!!!”

“Let’s Go!!!!! Female Mcs stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Trina’s Twitter)

Check out footage from the special down below:

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