In this week’s Pulse Report, we take a look at one seriously good Magna Carta Holy Grail album review, watch Russell Simmons‘ brother go all Illuminati on us, take a very close look at 50 Cent‘s “new” baby mama and oh SOHH much more!

1. Sit Back & Relax

Let me just be clear about this, one of my favorite blogger moments over the past few years is when that fake Ghostface Killah character came out and not only had some harsh things to say about our favorite rappers but also gave some funny reviews of new albums. LOL. Those joints were hilarious! Well, not quite as funny but still on point is local legend Agallah Don Bishop giving a full review of the new Magna Carta Holy Grail album. This. Is. FUNNY! It’s just straight raw and unfiltered. LOL. Definitely not something you’re going to find in your local Rolling Stone or Billboard. Jay-Z might need to hire this doggy. Peep the write-up:

Magna Carter Holy Grail review

by Agallah The Don Bishop

Ight yall the moment hip hop has been waiting for the release of Jay -z’s 5th studio album Magna Carter Holy Grail . this is the first album that a rapper teams up witha corporation (SamSung) to release a lp / the myth is corporations feed off our culture so jay z is cashing in on just that with magna carta which only samsung users get to have first . the downloaders will be a frenzy getting this on other platforms when it releases but here is what i think of this album and knowing jay dont give a fuck what i think anyway cause he probably celebrating somewhere with rick rubin twinkling his toes and didnt even produce on the album just gave jay some advice after he gave kanye some not so good advice lol . well here goes my review enjoy !

1.Holy Grail” (featuring Justin Timberlake)
prod by Timbaland

this joint straight up sound like he on his yatch sippin ace of spades sporting his tom ford clothes on sandals on thinking about how he got where he at how many people he snaked and got the white boy justin in his suit n tie timbarland on the beat one of many on this lp. i singin in the back like im a make em see this hustle shit is real i cant even take blue to the store g fuck the world type shit , hustler daddy blues hov welcome to fatherhood lets hope no divorce is in sight g cause ya next album will be man carter holy shit !

2. Illuminati 101

Is Russell Simmons in the Illuminati? Probably not. Is his brother? Nahhhhh, but it looks like there was something that went down this week about his Danny Simmons having some things to say about the Illuminati after reading a particular story on this whole Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Before you start to analyze the screen shot that was sent to me, READ THIS ARTICLE FIRST, so you’ll have a better understanding. And then peep this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 6.30.31 PM

LOL! NO COMMENT! Personally, I don’t take anything any doggy says on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/etc. seriously, not only because you never know if it’s “them” saying it but also due to the fact that doggies get caught up in the moment. We’ve all said things we may have been joking about or just saying to say, but Danny should know the Illuminati is always watching. LOL.

3. Moment of the Week: 50 Cent’s “Extra” Baby’s Mother

I’m not going to lie, I cannot recall if Daphne Joy was ever featured as a Mrs. Butterworth but now seeing what all has gone down between her and 5-0 Cent? YES! YES! YES! She’s getting as much publicity and press as she can get starting right here. For all of y’all that aren’t familiar with what’s gone down, it turns out 5-0 has been on the low-low about having a baby’s mother that just so happens to be a Filipino model named Daphne Joy? SMH. Looks like 5-0 missed his shot at Oprah, huh? Here’s the “latest” scoop on all of this along with some shots of Daphne.

She Said:

Daphne Joy, who was born in the Philippines, has a baby by the rapper and is now focusing on safety for the child and herself, said Jim Yeager, a spokesman for the Los Angeles law firm of Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, which is representing her. The alleged victim, whose name wasn’t earlier disclosed by authorities, released her name Friday through Yeager. “Daphne Joy and Curtis Jackson have been together for a few years in an exclusive relationship,” said a statement by the law firm. “They had a child and now Daphne’s number one priority is to ensure both her and the baby’s safety during this difficult time. We also hope everyone will respect her and the baby’s privacy.” (CNN)

He Said:

50 Cent is adamant … he did NOT kick his baby mama during an explosive argument last month. 50 Cent’s attorney released a statement, saying, “Curtis Jackson [50 Cent] denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest.” TMZ broke the story … 50 was charged with domestic violence this week following the alleged domestic dispute at his baby mama’s Toluca Lake home, during which he allegedly kicked her and destroyed a bunch of her property (more than $7,000 worth). (TMZ)

Is anyone else confused yet? For starters, is this already being considered a fact that he has another baby’s mother? If so, the nerve of doggy to be interviewed and asked, “Do you ever want to have more kids?” LOL! Cold-blooded! Then, the fact he’s even being accused of kicking a woman, that’s horrible. Hopefully there’s no truth to this, but that’s pretty bad, no matter what way you slice it. Trust me, doggies, this is far from over.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Erykah Badu

I don’t even want to hear it. Being 40 is really like the new 30 when y’all really take the time to think about it. Don’t call me a MILF addict (referring to last week’s Nicole Murphy), but when you think about Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, Stacey Dash and so on, errrryone is pushing 40, so why not give it up to Erykah Badu? Just when I think she’s done for and I don’t have a crush on her anymore, she’ll do something like bring her sexy you-know-what to the 2013 BET Awards and make doggies start barking. She really had Kendrick Lamar looking dazed out of his head! LOL! Gotta give it up to EB one time!

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

Even during the Fourth of July, doggies are still getting caught slipping, saying things they know they shouldn’t! LOL. First off, Slim Thug trying to convince any doggy that Houston is the best place to go is tripping. H-Town’s nice but has nothing on Atlanta or even New York. Sorry Dwight Howard. Then there’s Torion Sellers who is supposedly trying to get out of a Young Money contract b/c Lil Wayne didn’t put his album out on time? LOL!!! Doggy, Wayne can’t even get HIS music out on time. That’s funny. Blame it on being a Bronx doggy, but I can’t respect Joey Bada$$ saying he’s worth $3 million. No doggy in Brooklyn other than Deron Williams deserves that kinda paper. SMH. Then it’s Hit-Boy saying it was time for him to leave G.O.O.D Music. C’mon, there’s only three crews eating and that’s Maybach Music Group, YMCMB and G.O.O.D Music, why leave that opportunity? Lastly, Al Sharpton on Cash Money!?!? Even worse, his explanation? LOL!

1. Slim Thug


“I was trying to tell him the best things, from my standpoint; I know the Rockets ran a lot of good things by him [in their pitch to the big man], but I was talking in terms of women,” Thug told MTV News. “Obviously he loves women, and if you love women, Houston is a great place, D. I seen your baby mama on ‘Basketball Wives,’ and there’s plenty out here that are way better than her that I’m sure he would enjoy. Not only that, we got the best strip clubs … Houston’s a real big, beautiful city. L.A.’s strip clubs [are] horrible. They don’t even really have no strip clubs that he can go to. Not at all. Everything closes at two, and it’s all over. But if you go to Houston? Oh my God. Dreams Houston has some of the most beautiful women in America. It’s a beautiful thing, man. And a lot of NBA, NFL all types of ballplayers are present every weekend in there. So I sent him a few pictures of the top strippers in the city, I’m sure he enjoyed that.”

2. Torion Sellers


A 15-year-old singer has had it with Young Money and Lil Wayne and wants to jump ship … and he’s asking a court for help. Torion Sellers claims in new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — he auditioned for Lil Wayne when he was only 13 and Wayne immediately saw what he called Torion’s “amazing voice” and “God-given gift and talent.” According to the docs, Wayne signed Torion to Young Money and promised to record and release an album by Spring, 2012. But tick tock, tick tock … still no album more than a year later.

3. Joey Bada$$


Is there anything that a major label could offer to get you to sign now? Three million. Off the top. If I gave you $3 million right now, you’d sign to my record label? Hell yeah. Get my Mom out the hood. You feel me?

4. Hit-Boy


“I got nothing but respect for Kanye, [but] I’m no longer a part of G.O.O.D. Music anymore. But HS87 is where my heart is, that’s what I’m reppin’,” Hit revealed. “[Anything make me leave?] No, I committed, as far as my contract, I did what I was supposed to do. I did six, seven singles for the label and I did what I was supposed to do. … I love Yeezus, I think it’s great.”

5. Al Sharpton

2013 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

The Rev. Al Sharpton is working on a book to be co-released this fall by the publishing arm of Cash Money Records, home to Lil Wayne, with whom Sharpton has feuded over some of the rapper’s lyrics. Sharpton’s “The Rejected Stone” is scheduled for release Oct. 8. The book will be published by Cash Money Content and Massenburg Media, in partnership with the Simon & Schuster imprint Atria. The book will track Sharpton’s “personal evolution” from New York street activist to political candidate and civil rights spokesman. Sharpton told The Associated Press on Thursday that the book would include his thoughts on Lil Wayne and other rappers and that he was anxious to have a positive dialogue. He added: “Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we have to be disagreeable.”

***Even though y’all all celebrated yesterday, it’s still a 4th of July weekend! LOL! Play some good tunes, get the food out, have some fun and don’t even think twice, just do it! I’ll catch y’all on Tuesday! –BB***