State Property leader Beanie Sigel recently talked about his relationship toward former Roc-A-Fella Records label boss Damon “Dame” Dash.

Although brief with his response, Sigel did not rule out his involvement in a rumored State Property 3 flick.

“We all right,” Sigel said when asked about his relationship with Dame. “We all right. Me and Dame good. [Expect to see me in upcoming movies?] Yeah. [State Property 3?] To be continued.” (HHS1987)

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Despite the perception, State Property’s Freeway said he was still on good terms with Dame.

“We’re talking about doing all that too. Just keep your ears open,” Free said about a State Property 3 movie. “[Where was Dame at during the Tidal B-Sides concert with State Property? Ha! You’re silly! But you know what? It’s all love with Dame as far as me. Dame is definitely a good dude, though. So it’s all love.” (BET)

In honor of the flick’s ten-year anniversary this spring, Dame broke big news about a State Property 2 sequel.

Back in 2011, State Property star Beanie Sigel hinted at plans for a third flick to go into production.

Sigel told Sway that the SP reunion is now in full swing and, in addition to music, he’s working on a movie script for “State Property 3.” The first two “State Property” films were theatrical releases that became cult favorites and helped the group cement its brand in the mid-2000s. “I’m working on a script, ‘State Property 3,’ it’s about time,” Beans revealed before touching on the group’s musical plans. (MTV)