Incarcerated rapper Beanie Sigel recently gave his thoughts on Rick Ross‘ boss moves as of late, specifically, in regard to his ever-growing Maybach Music Group empire.

Beans applauded Ricky Rozay’s decision to ink fellow Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill to MMG.

“I would have to give it to Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Maybe not the whole entire squad, but I just tip my hat to Ross for recognizing true talent coming out of Philly and picking up Meek. Watching him, it’s like me looking at myself all over again. He came in the game at the same age I did. He doing his thing and I’m loving it and just watching him do his thing. It gives me that vision like, “Yeah Meek do it.” … When you’re in the midst of doing something, you don’t get a chance to see what you was doing at the time because you so busy doing it. Unless you had a camera on you your whole career and then you sit down and look at the footage. But I can actually see him from where he was in his career and where he’s going right now. If Ross stay behind him, Meek will grow and he’ll have a little bit of longevity.” (Complex)

He also dished out some advice for Meek and other hip-hop newcomers.

“I tell him to stay on top of his business. At the end of the day, it’s fun when it lasts. Stay on top of your business and keep that first. It’s business first. I learned that the hard way. I got stuck with the concept of the “La familia.” The family. I had to learn there was a difference between family and relatives. So stay on top of your business. Take Biggie advice and fire lawyers to watch lawyers so you won’t go broke.” (Complex)

Recently, Sigel gave props to Ross and rap veteran Nas for putting out quality music this summer.

“Thanks to Nas too for a great album, the first ‘hip-hop’ album in a while,” Sigel said in an interview. “Salute to Nas. [Nas and Rick Ross dropped some grown folks albums this summer.] Yeah, it’s good, we can listen to some music now. I don’t like to disrespect nobody for their craft, what they do or getting their money but I just don’t want to hear certain stuff everyday. You know what I mean? I ain’t going to get into the name-calling and all that. [Rick Ross’] production is good. Yeah.” (All Hip Hop)

Outside of music, Beans started a two-year jail sentence this week after getting busted on a gun and drug charge.

“At this point, the Federal authorities will take him into custody and he’ll begin serving the sentence that he was going to start on September 12 anyway,” Sigel’s longtime attorney Fortunato N. Perri told XXL. “He had bail set on the new charges, but the Federal authorities have issued a detainer–a warrant, essentially–that will transfer him to Federal custody and he’ll start serving his sentence.” (XXL Mag)

Check out some recent Beanie Sigel footage below: