[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After KingYc broke down his radio-friendly “Lights On” anthem, St. Louis native Big Will decodes his “How Did I Know” #TrapLivesMatter standout track.]

Rallo is one of the up-and-coming guys out of St. Louis. There’s a lot, a lot, a lot of talent out in St. Louis and I have a lot of respect for the younger guys.

They’re doing it in a different way than how the guys before them did it. They’re working together a lot more, they’re creating their own movements and their own lanes. I just so happened to be introduced to the kid Rallo and I think he’s an amazing talent.

For some of the records, I wanted to try and come up with a feel that was traditional trap so the beat is produced by 808 Mafia and I needed the youthful energy that he brought to it. He pretty much gave me way more than I could even ask for. Out of all of the records, it had that bounce and I felt like it needed a visual.

I got more visuals on the way but I wanted to lead out that way.

We actually shot three music videos the same day and I have to give credit to the videographer Vickmont, he’s very, very talented in what he does and if it wasn’t for him and his camera, his artistic vision, a lot of guys in the city wouldn’t have a voice right now.

Vickmont is very popular in St. Louis and for my first visuals, I felt it was only right for me to represent, so he rose to the occasion. He has a pretty impressive track record. I just decided to go with him and he turned everything into magic.