[With Maybach Music Group’s Wale recently announcing plans to release a go-go album in the future, Baltimore’s Damond Blue tells SOHH why his DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) brother’s release will flourish.]

Wale is a smart man. You know what Wale’s going to do? He’s going to sell this album like never before. Let me tell you why: That’s where Wale started.

That’s really Wale. That’s really him. He started with a band, I’m not sure the name, it may be the Backyard Band, one of those bands. I don’t know Wale per se, but he started with a band and when he started with it, that’s where he gained success from.

He got into the industry and changed it up. Think of the song, ‘Pretty Girls,’ that was a go-go track and one of his biggest singles to date. I’m proud that Wale is doing something productive for his hometown and doing something dope that’s organic and that’s really him.

It’s something that he knows about. Nobody can say, “Hey, that’s not go-go.”

He’s from DC, he understands the culture, he understands what’s going on. I give him all the salutes because it takes a lot for an artist to remember where they come from and that’s the number one key.

That’s a beautiful thing. Shout-out to Wale.

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