[After treating fans to a picture of himself with former “The Wire” star Snoop, Baltimore’s Damond Blue gives SOHH the story behind his celebrity moment.]

We were actually at an event and took a picture with Snoop earlier in the summer during a block party. She actually threw the block party and invited a few artists out.

She’s from Baltimore as well. She’s a friend of my sister. I didn’t know her per se and didn’t have a full-fledged conversation with her. We talked here and there but I came through on the strength of love and she reached out because she understood that the artist is important.


Although she did “The Wire” and everything else, I don’t look at that. I just look at what she means to the city and to the outside world. People looking from the outside in are like, “Man, he’s there with Snoop from ‘The Wire.’ That’s Baltimore, that’s real sh*t.”

People are looking at it like that. Some people may have different views on it but hey, I’m doing this sh*t for my city. I’m doing it all for my city. F*ck everything else that doesn’t coincide with that.

If it doesn’t make sense, then it doesn’t make dollars. At the end of the day, shout-out to Snoop and everything that she’s doing. I’m proud of the moves she’s made in her career and it’s time for me to become the person I’m supposed to become.

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