[With summer officially here, Baltimore’s Damond Blue talks to SOHH about what essentials he needs on a daily basis.]

One thing I gotta have on a daily basis is my phone and laptop. I also gotta have my lip balm. You never know what may slide through. I may have an interview so I gotta have my lip balm ready.

I gotta have my homegirl Mary Jane in the building. She’s gotta be very, very close-by. That’s one of my very close friends.

I really like to have a lot of positivity around me. I’m not really too big on super gadgets and having to go buy the new phone. If I have a phone and it gets all my things done, I’m good.

For the most part I need my lip balm and Mary Jane. That’s just about it. That’s inside and outside of the studio. I’m the same person. I don’t change up when I go into the studio. The Internet has made everybody able to be famous. I just want to remain humble and I just need regular things.

I really like to be edgy sometimes. I’m the type of guy that might come through with the Balmain jeans and shirt. But then I might turn around and put on a button-up shirt with a fedora. It fits the occasion. If we’re going to Benihana, I might just throw on a t-shirt and go out like that. At this point, I’m not really psyched up about things.

I like just regular, simple things. I’m not a flashy guy. I do know how to dress and like to wear something that fits the occasion. The only thing I won’t do are the dresses or the super tight jeans.

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