[With his "Blessonz” album now available for free-99, Baltimore’s Damond Blue tells SOHH why he gave his latest release with no price tag attached.]

It’s no limits to this sh*t. That’s what I’m trying to explain with the whole giving my “Blessonz” album away. That’s what I’m trying to explain. That’s the whole irony of it.

I could have sold it. All day. But who is going to get your music? They’re gonna bootleg that sh*t anyway. Somebody else is going to ask for a burned copy.

So I decided I’m going to give you a blessing and give it to you. I’m so confident, I’m so in a different place than these guys. No disrespect to those who are working but I’m in a different place with my mindset.

I’ve seen some things, I’ve met a few people, being on tour with King Los and seeing how he’s working. I watched him come from the bottom and then to have one of the top five hip-hop albums on the Billboard, number one album on iTunes.

That sh*t right there is motivation for me. I’m always going to give off that energy.

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